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So here is the thing, I do this comic and that's basically all I do. So if you are here for commissions or stuff that isn't a comic about dumb frog devil aliens or Monochromatic kids then you should look elsewhere.

Also there is stuff if you don't want that stuff. So I will make a retraction, if you don't like classist frog aliens then you may like stupid kids who are more or less monochromatic, dumb kids who are stupid and based of of colors, or some of fanart for stuff you might not like then you should stay.

Everyone who comes here should stay. There should be stuff for everyone.

Anyway I'd love it of you do watch me, (which people don't do for me for some reason....) I'd like it if you were active and took part in things that I do. It means a lot.

So I hope you all have fun. See ya later.
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I don't really like opening myself up for failure but I have too.

When something you put your heart into only gets seen by like 5 people in the world it is a little damning. Just a little. 

So, in order to try and help myself, I need help from anyone willing. (which will likely be one person at most) 

I want people to advertise for Ripple for me. Here is what I will do in return.

I will Draw you something that you can look at and enjoy if you advertise Ripple by showing off a few pages somewhere (like go on tumblr and make a link to Ripple or my page saying how cool I am, or maybe going on Instagram and do the same thing. Or even making a journal here with pages from Ripple or even draw some fanart!) For every place or post you make about ripple i will draw you something. 

Keep in mind though, my time is extremely limited from now to the end of may so what you get may be a sketch or something but the more you advertise the better I will do for you so think of it not as a turn off but a chance to earn my affection (which is worthless)

I don't expect to get much help because no one cares about my art (otherwise I wouldn't be asking this) But any help is greatly appreciated! (sorry I sound bitter in other words)


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Smurfygeorge has started a donation pool!
113 / 2,000

First off, I am only doing these for people who have a character that they have a reference too I.E. I will not design a character for you. Those are special.

Second, please put all points in the donation box on my page.

Third, I don't add backgrounds to my pictures.

Forth, KEEP IT CLEAN Y'ALL! I will not draw nudes ar anything risky. Bathing suits are as far as I will go, I mean it! And keep the love PG, kissing is fine, NO MORE THAN THAT!

Fifth, blood and gore is fine.

If you have anything special you may ask me and we can figure out a price.

SKETCH: 20 POINTS (add 5 for each additional character)
psyc0ruins by Smurfygeorge Logic by Smurfygeorge

LINE ART: 60 POINTS (add 30 per each additional character)
Happy Holiday Ocelocean Coloring Page by Smurfygeorge Tall by Smurfygeorge

HEAD SHOT: 130 POINTS (add 50 per each additional character)
People Practice by Smurfygeorge Alien Friends by Smurfygeorge

HALF BODY: 160 POINTS (add 60 per each additional character)
Dumb Kids are Coming by Smurfygeorge The Cast by Smurfygeorge

FULL BODY: 190 POINTS (add 70 per each additional character)
Strife by Smurfygeorge These Kids are Gonna get Attention by Smurfygeorge

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MxJones Featured By Owner Apr 27, 2015
have i mentioned i love the way u draw hair?? bc i love the way u draw hair.
Smurfygeorge Featured By Owner Apr 27, 2015  Student Traditional Artist
Aw thank you! Hair is a fun thing to draw so I try very hard to do well with it.
Mistress-Lovely Featured By Owner Apr 22, 2015  Student Photographer
Dude your art is blowing my mind~
How have you been doing?
Smurfygeorge Featured By Owner Apr 22, 2015  Student Traditional Artist
Aw, thank you so much! 
Live been doing great. I'm pretty dang satisfied with my comics and I haven't been in an art block in a long time! How've you been?
Mistress-Lovely Featured By Owner Apr 22, 2015  Student Photographer
Been doing good just been busy being a mom & all that jazz..i need to post more ;w;
Smurfygeorge Featured By Owner Apr 22, 2015  Student Traditional Artist
that doesn't sound very bad. Moms are the best. 
vitaminanime Featured By Owner Edited Apr 12, 2015
Hey dude I saw your Prismacolor tutorial on YouTube and it was extremely helpful! I just finished my first "for real" drawing with Prismacolor markers and it turned out really streaky, and after I saw your tutorial I saw what I was doing wrong, and I have another drawing I still have to color with the Prismacolor markers and hopefully it will turn out better. I will be uploading them both tomorrow (well, technically later today, but you know what I mean, crazy artist sleep schedule)

And now for a llama!
Smurfygeorge Featured By Owner Apr 12, 2015  Student Traditional Artist
I'm so glad that helped out! I'm really actually surprised as many people saw that as they did. And it always feels gratifying when it helped someone. I am glad it helped you out. I hope your pictures turn out the way you want them to and if there is anything else you'd like some help on I'd be glad to help out. 
Smurfygeorge Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2015  Student Traditional Artist
very nice. The coloring on the trees in the second link looked especially clean.
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